TOMAmeter September 14 – September 20: The Return of the Network TV Season


With the major broadcast networks entering their premiere weeks, we saw bumps for several seasonal staples, as well as our first new broadcast show, NBC’s Blindspot (#17). Though Blindspot is only the first new network show to enter the TOMAmeter, it promises to be followed by several highly anticipated new shows over the next few weeks. The other big upward mover this week was FOX’s Empire, which took over the #3 spot in the rankings, bumping Fear the Walking Dead down. Also on the cusp of the top twenty are incoming broadcast shows Quantico (ABC), The Muppets (ABC), and Scream Queens (FOX).

Orange is the New Black declined by two spots to #9 in the rankings; this is representative of an overall declining trend over the past month – since the week of July 20th, when the Netflix original was #1 in the rankings, it has stayed flat or declined every single week. However, this decline is on par with previous declines – by the same time period last year, Orange is the New Black had fallen to #8 in the rankings.

Leaving the top twenty this week are CBS’ Big Brother (previously #17) and CSI (previously #19), as well as NBC’s America’s Got Talent (previously #20); in their place are Modern Family  (#14, ABC), Blindspot (#17, NBC), and The Flash (#18, The CW).

For the first time since June, CBS is dethroned as the network with the most shows in the TOMAmeter this week; ABC overtakes that title with five programs in the top twenty, though CBS is not too far behind with three.

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Here are your TOMAmeter results for September 14 – 20.