TOMAmeter October 26 – November 1: Supergirl’s Ascent Continues

Word cloud Nov 1

After entering the top twenty programs last week, Supergirl continued its ascent up the rankings, moving up by 11 spots to #2 in the rankings. At #2, it is the top ranked network show, and it manages to displace TOMAmeter stalwarts like The Big Bang Theory and Empire.

Other than the continued rise of Supergirl, the TOMAmeter remains relatively unchanged this week with only one program dropping out (Dancing with the Stars, previously #20) in favor of MLB coverage for the World Series (#20).

ABC continues its dominance of the TOMAmeter with four programs in the top twenty, followed closely behind by CBS, Fox, and NBC with three apiece.

Each week, Ipsos MediaCT TV Dailies seeks to find out what television shows have people talking. Collecting over 5,000 unaided responses among persons ages 13-64, TV Dailies produces a top of mind awareness meter (TOMAmeter) that details the 20 most spontaneously mentioned television shows.

Here are your TOMAmeter results for October 26 – November 1.

Top20 Nov 1