TOMAmeter August 24-30: The Walking Dead Franchise Dominates


Following a debut episode that clocked record viewership numbers, Fear the Walking Dead is now #2 in the rankings after its sister show, The Walking Dead. With these two atop the rankings, this marks the first time in over two years that two AMC shows were in the top five in the TOMAmeter (the last AMC show to hold a peak position was Breaking Bad, during its finale season). The two sister shows lead in mentions by a large margin, with a significant gap between them and the next highest show in unaided mention, Game of Thrones.

Under the Dome dropped seven spots in the rankings, from #12. Its continued declines over the past two seasons were likely major contributors in its recently announced cancellation. Whether or not it rises in the TOMAmeter in the wake of this news remains to be seen.

Re-entering the top twenty this week are Dancing With the Stars (#12), CSI (#14), and Criminal Minds (#17), which take the places of Modern Family (previously #15), Supernatural (previously #17), and Family Guy (previously #19).

CBS continues to lead among networks, with seven programs in the top twenty this week. ABC is second with four in the top twenty, and AMC follows up with two programs.