Who doesn’t want to eat healthy and live a long and prosperous life?

This isn’t only something First Officer Spock is on a mission for; it’s something all Americans think about every time they step into a grocery store, food mart, warehouse club, or on the run convenience store.

In a recent study conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs,  “Checking in with Americans at the Grocery Aisle”, 81% of those surveyed agreed, nutrition and eating healthy are top priority.  This is especially true for females (86%), higher income households (85%), and those with a college education (88%).

Just like… “safe flying”, “clean restaurant kitchens”, and “high mpg”, nutrition and healthy eating should be expected to grab the pole position when Americans are asked directly about its importance. 

Let’s face it… we all believe it’s the holy grail to living longer and feeling better about oneself.  But when you ask Americans to rank the most important factors when selecting a location for buying groceries, price by far is the #1 factor…

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If you are curious what to eat when decision making time comes…  It’s not going to be any foods from Papa Bears Fish Fry, or Uncle Charlie’s Sausage Factory.  A recent study done by MNT – Medical News Today, this past April, lists the 10 healthiest and nutritious foods every American should start eating today if they hope to outlive Mr. Spock.


Top 10: (1) Apples, (2) Almonds, (3) Broccoli, (4) Blueberries, (5) Oily Fish, (6) Leafy Green Vegetables, (7) Sweet Potatoes, (8) Wheat germ, (9), Avocados, and (10) Oatmeal.

This is fascinating, simply fascinating… http://youtu.be/cFods1KSWsQ