To Wii or Not to Wii, That is the Question, this Holiday Season!

Hamlet’s love for Ophelia is unquestioned, just as Americans love for electronics is equally unquestioned.

In this month’s edition of Ipsos’ November Thought Starter, “America Goes Shopping in an Electronics Wonderland”, holiday purchases seem to include a hefty-haul of electronic devices.

An astounding 64% of Americans plan to allocate a portion of their holiday spend on an electronic device. It is unanimous across gender, age, and income levels, with nearly one out of every two (49%) 55+ budgeting money towards electronic device gifts this holiday season.

Let’s face it… electronic devices aren’t the bane of an educated society’s existence inserted into our lives as a devilish plot to erode the “Kids of America”. Boomers and the post WW2 generation would never buy such a frivolous gift with no intrinsic value. It’s not in their DNA.

Some teach, some entertain, some keep idle minds at play, and for others it’s the uniqueness of what is offered with the electronic gift of choice, as 45% of Americans surveyed are looking to give someone a device/gift they have never owned before.

Take a look at today’s primary and secondary school system. You will see iPads and computers being used to educate, grow, and develop future leaders of the Western world, and not solely develop the next King or Queen of “Black-Ops-Kabul-palooza”.

What could be more transcendent than the Kindle® bridging generations through its varied personal uses? Read and enjoy downtime, watch a classic movie like the Maltese Falcon, or play the next version of Dirt Bike Monkey Moto-Cross.

One interesting note from the study is America’s unyielding love affair with Ophelia… I mean Vizio. Maybe it’s because you need a big one to catch the perfect bass in Cabella’s Fish Pro Bonanza, or tackle Tom Brady in Madden NFL 6000, but one thing is for sure, amidst all the gadgets and devices hitting the shelves, and finding their way into Santa’s bag of holiday tricks, the television still ranks 5th most popular device of purchase this holiday season.

Video killed the radio star, but it certainly didn’t kill the Flatty (widescreen)!