In Boston, We Call it a ‘Wicked Smaht-Phone’

1992 sees the advent of the 1st modern day Smartphone…“The Simon”

IBM’s Simon was a smartphone before the term smartphone was even dreamed of being coined.  50,000 units of Simon’s 1.0 version were sold (estimated annual smartphone market will reach 1 billion by 2016)*.  It included many personal applications and amenities such as an address book, calendar, appointment scheduler, calculator, world time clock, electronic note pad, handwritten annotations, and predictive stylus input screen keyboards.  She was sexy for her time, but nowhere near as good looking as her great-great-great-great granddaughter Ms. Android-iPhone-Galaxy-Blackberry-palooza!

In a recent survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, “Americans Shopping Smarter with Smartphones”, Simon would be proud to hear just how advanced her offspring have become.

62% of Americans have access to a mobile device with web connectivity, and as many can imagine the accessibility is higher with the more youthful, educated, and income driven populations.

What’s most interesting about the study’s results???  76% of mobile device owners use their device for in-store shopping research!  And… it spikes to 89% for the 18-34 year old population. 

Almost 9 out of 10 young adults are gaining information about the products and services they purchase while “in-store”.  Are they doing price comparison or feature/benefit analysis, or searching for the right local retailer to grab their goods from?

For retailers there is some good news… In-store research is translating into “real” purchases, as 60% of mobile device owners surveyed made an online purchase with “said” device, led by the 18-34 year old crowd (76%) once again.

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* IDC “Analyze the Future”, September 3, 2012 analyst presentation