Public Opinion on Healthcare

Healthcare has jumped as a priority with Americans over the last few months as salience on the issue has increased. Since the implementation of ACA and related programs, the insurance non-coverage rate declined from 18.2% to 10.5%. This represents 20 million people. Even with increased coverage, support for the ACA, or Obamacare, is roughly split down the middle with 43% in favor and 45% against. This split has been fairly consistent since its inception.

As mentioned, general support for ACA is lukewarm at best. That said, a strong majority of Americans support most for the specific measures of ACA, including:

  • Allowing children under 26 to be kept on their parents’ plan (71%)
  • Prohibiting the exclusion of people with preexisting conditions (78%).

In contrast, only 43% of Americans support the mandatory requirement for all to own health insurance.

Americans are largely satisfied with their healthcare ranging from 64% to 74% depending on the insurance plan type. Those who don’t have coverage, of course, are least likely to be satisfied with their healthcare. Of those who do have coverage, Americans who purchase full insurance directly are least satisfied with it (64%). Finally, those who purchase full insurance directly are also most likely to report the worst subjective health.

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