Little League Games: The New Happy Hour

As Jamie Foxx and T-Pain prophetically once told us all, “blame it on the alcohol”. This begs the question: what have we done? Well, the answer is: lots. Alcohol is now commonplace in many aspects of daily life, from the now-standard yet extensive Bloody Mary bars at brunch to the three martini lunches with Bob from Accounting, we have plenty of opportunity to blame lots on the alcohol. Despite all this, there are a few occasions that we still hold sacredly sober, where getting tipsy is not the norm and sobriety is expected. However, a few of us still partake in some inebriation during these events. If you are wondering who, look to the millennials and then look really hard at the parents.
In a nationwide poll conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs of 1,006 American adults, just over one in ten (13%) report being tipsy at a wedding ceremony within the last twelve months, with less than one in ten report being tipsy on a first date or at their child’s extracurricular activity (6% and 5%, respectively). For the millennials, this is a more inebriated story. Over a fifth of 18-34 year olds were tipsy at the wedding ceremony in the last year (21%) and approximately one sixth (15%) of the Tinder generation reported being tipsy when they went on a first date with a right swipe.
While millennials can happily enjoy a few beers before their friend walks down the aisle, the parents in the pews are the ones carrying the flasks. While a similar number of millennials and parents have been tipsy at a wedding, nearly a fifth of all parents report having been tipsy at their child’s extracurricular activity (17%) vs only about one tenth of millennials (11%). Where else are parents more likely to be inebriated than childless Americans? At religious ceremonies (12% vs 1%), job interviews (9% vs 1%), and, the most somber of occasions, funerals (8% vs 1%), you can expect to see parents tipsier than those who didn’t have to worry about getting a sitter.

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Before distributing breathalyzers to everyone at your Little League game, fear not, because over three-quarters of Americans report not having been tipsy at any of the surveyed events in the last twelve months (77%). Though not everyone can get on board the booze cruise at these events, we can all still count on having someone sober nearby to drive us home, to each their own. Either way, in the immortal words of Snoop Dogg “You got to get yours but fool I gotta get mine”.