I’m a Boomer, you’re a Boomer wouldn’t you like to be a Boomer too?

To be accurate, and not embellish my life expectancy, I am a “Gen-Xer” by two years, and don’t carry the sassy tag “Baby Boomer”.

Once American soldiers started to return home from World War II, the United States experienced an “explosion” of births never seen before. To be exact, from 1946 to 1964, births were recorded at about 1 every 8.5 seconds, and the dawn of the Dy-Dee Diaper man delivery service was born.

During this BOOM, it was easier to find a Dy-Dee truck than a Fedex truck (oops… little too soon for that comparison) in many neighborhoods around the US.

Why is this important for marketers?

After factoring for some of life’s traumas and tragedies, about every 7 seconds a Baby Boomer hits 50 and starts to think about retirement. Free time, disposable income, travel, leisure, and even work, will all be in high demand from marketers who seek to attract and sell to today’s Baby Boomers.

A recent study from Ipsos Public Affairs Omnibus service highlights the Boomer generation, and what they are doing today as they start to think about the next stage of their life.

Let’s throw one stigma aside… Boomers are not tech or Internet averse. They were the first work generation who went online, and ditched overnight courier for fax, and fax for email.

These cats are savvy, and 98% of them expect to spend time online during the retirement years, with a whopping 90% spending time socializing with friends. Hmmmm, “Boomer Facebook”? Someone must have thought of this by now… right? Bueller… Bueller…

To help uncover many of the recent and evolving online trends of the Boomer population, our colleagues from Ipsos MediaCT engaged in a joint study with Google, titled “Reaching Today’s Boomers and Seniors Online.”

So what activities will Boomers engage in when they are not online?

The Ipsos Omnibus Study tells us cooking (81%), travel (73%), movies/plays (65%), and gardening (63%), will take up bits and pieces of free time during retirement.

So, final thoughts if you are looking to attract Boomers into your “marketing sandbox”…

  1. Boomers are online and savvy. They spend time researching pages and sites to help make informed purchase decisions.
  2. Cooking, travel, gardening, movies and plays, are desirable activities when they are not spending time surfing the Internet.
  3. Balance your marketing efforts on and offline, while making adjustments to areas and activities Boomers find most compelling during the retirement years.