From Russia with Mixed Feelings?

Who’s ready for the next round of Olympic madness?

I can’t wait to dive, oooppss, I mean half-pipe, into the wide world of sleep deprivation for two solid weeks. I dream of being an Olympian every day, and seek to better understand the subtle intricacy of a gold medal curling broom sweep, or the proper banging of a cowbell with my orange face paint as I stand on a wind-swept mountain watching skiers fly by at 90 mph.

Passionate about Sochi? You bet I am! Simply throw a USA jersey on some cat from Hoboken, NJ, and I am all in! Heck, I even looked up the word biathlon to uncover its origin (guess I should have paid attention in high school Latin class).

I learned this week that Sochi is not hidden within the vast expanse of Siberia, but situated on the lovely resort coast between Russia and Georgia (the country, not the Peach State), on the Black Sea. The winters are very mild with average temperatures ranging between 39°F and 52°F. These temperatures certainly raise my interest to visit this quadrennial rite of passage, but I wonder if it’s more likely we’ll be watching water-skiing vs. snow skiing, or beach volleyball vs. hockey.

In this month’s edition of Ipsos Public Affairs Thought Starter… Rushin’ To The Finish Line For The 2014 Winter Games we explore what Americans are anxious to see, follow, and get up off their couch to cheer for as the Winter Olympics hits our television-computer-tablet-smartphone screens.

What did we learn? Well, it’s not just me who is challenged by the geographical and pop culture test where the Olympics will be held. A whopping 43% admitted that they have no idea where the 2014 Olympics are to be held and another 17% picked another Olympic city. Yikes, anyone in the Travel and Tourism business looking for a job? I think the Sochi tourism center could use all the help available. It’s also good to know only about 19% of Americans would wake up at 3:00am to watch the gold medal hockey game live. I hope it’s not because we aren’t too hopeful of the outcome.

In a shocking chapter of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, 49% of males want to go Bobsledding if given the opportunity, +11% points higher than females, while the dream of Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill are still alive and well within a women’s heart as 37% of females would try figure skating to 8% for males.

Hopefully we now have answered many of your questions and curiosity regarding Sochi. It’s not the condition you get which requires a prescription for Lamisil, or the most amazing rice-rolled-up-piece-of-fish-fantastic meal walking the planet earth. Sochi, Sochi, Sochi, and not Su-su-sushi exulted by 80s rocker Fee Waybill lead singer for the Tubes.

Bring on the Winter Olympics!