Bah Humbug and Back to the Man Cave?

It’s remarkable to see how much has changed since man first walked this planet. If there were such a thing as holidays back in caveman days, you can bet your “boo-pee” Captain Cave Man couldn’t wait to put the stress of holidays behind him, and go out to rock his first water buffalo into oblivion so he could feed the tribe of hungry little Captain Cave Men.

Holidays bring out the best and the worst in Americans, and nothing could be more supportive than a recent study done by Ipsos Public Affairs titled, “Americans Wrap-Up Their Thoughts on the Holidays”. Like the cave man, only (25%) of males said they “love the holidays”, compared to (36%) of women, and (5%) of males went so far as to day “Bah Humbug” best describes their feelings towards the holiday season.

Is this lack of holiday cheer worth exploring, or should we focus as little as possible on it, and hope it goes away like a bad episode of the Kardashians (btw… for the record… I love the Kardashians)? Is it human nature, genetics, the spending of hard earned green-backs, a lack of proper social skills, a desire to be reclusive and not with others, or is it something more innate than all of this combined, which evokes this response from American males?

A recent study by Amy Drescher, from eZines Articles, investigates the reasons why men don’t have the most rosy outlook during the holidays. What’s the #1 reason for men’s lack of love for the holidays? It’s the pressure of holiday shopping. The expectations are very high, and hard to meet for many men, who have less experience shopping than they do typing Q-W-E-R-T-Y style on a computer. Finishing a close second to pressure is an inability to meet expectations. Many men cite, “I’m doomed to fail no matter what I buy”.

One very positive trend spotted in the Ipsos Public Affairs study is Americans’ love affair with healthy eating and changing life habits continues right through the holiday season. It appears Americans don’t watch a few episodes of the “Biggest Loser”, and then during the holidays flick to Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive In’s and Dives”. We are in control of our eating and drinking habits all year as exhibited by the (32%) who say they over indulged, versus the loud and proud (68%) who firmly said they did not over indulge this holiday season.

Makes you wonder if we were a little too broke after buying all our holiday gifts to afford any food or drink to over indulge with.