What are the top issues concerning Canadians?

With a new year ahead, our January edition of Public Perspectives focuses solely on the issue priorities of Canadians. The report provides an in-depth look into the most important issues of Canadians by gender, age, income and region. Below is a quick snapshot of the findings:

Comparing the issue priorities of Canadians and U.S., the report reveals we share the same top three issue concerns – healthcare, unemployment and jobs, and taxes. For Canadians, healthcare (43%) holds top spot, followed closely by unemployment and jobs (41%), while taxes (31%) trail behind.

Let’s take a closer look at healthcare and unemployment and jobs. Concern about healthcare is disproportionately driven by older Canadians (52%), higher income households (46%), and Quebec (52%) and Alberta (44%) residents. While concerns about unemployment and jobs tends to be led by lower income households (46%) and residents of Ontario (55%) and Atlantic Canada (58%).

Public Perspectives is a monthly subscription report produced by Canadian Public Affairs which features Canadians’ assessment of their national and local economies, their personal finances and their issue concerns. Data for this report were taken from Ipsos Global @dvisor, a survey conducted monthly in 24 countries around the world via Ipsos Online Panel system. To learn more about Ipsos Global @dvisor, please click here.