My Funny Valentine? Men and Women on the Subject of Valentine’s Day

Well, sometimes you have to look at the data… and just believe it… as crazy as it may seem.

At first glance, our editorial team chuckled when we saw the results from our most recent eNation survey examining how consumers were going to spend Valentine’s Day (check out one of our Valentine’s themed Thought Starters – Let me Count the Ways for the United States or Canadians & Canoes for our friends north of the 49th – because not only are there differences between men and women, there are also some interesting differences between Americans and Canadians. And if you like what you see, check out some of our other  Thought Starters.)

Yikes, are men this out of touch with the needs and desires of the women in their lives?  Are women this passionate about the celebration of Valentine’s Day with their significant other, and spending time with others?

The famous author John Gray (Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus) once said… “We are unique individuals with unique experiences”.

Well, that is the battle cry I will run with this February 14th, when I explain to my wife why I’m flying to Daytona for Speedweek, and not organizing a dinner for two at our quiet local establishment, who by the way will be doubling the price of my usual Ahi Tuna appy, Chicken Bolognese entrée, and delicious Crème Brulee dessert, all in the spirit of St. Valentine and his army of cupid-ers.

Maybe John Gray should have titled his famous book, (Men are from New Orleans…home of Super Bowl 47… and Women are from Venus).

But are men this simple and introverted? Do we want to be alone, or not spend wantonly, or prefer to be at a sporting event all the time?  On the other hand, can women be this consumed by the holiday, and if not in a relationship, so drawn to spend time with others rather than be alone?

Let’s hope science can explain the differences, and support the public’s opinion from our Thought Starter. Please, for the sake of men, let’s hope there is some science we can lean on.

Dr. Louann Brizendine, M.D., scientist, and neuropsychiartrist, has devoted much of her career to studying the female (The Female Brain, published in 2006) and male (The Male Brain, published in 201) brains.

In her own words… “Men’s brains tend to perform tasks predominantly with the left-side, which is the logical/rational side of the brain”. This translates socially into left-side brain activity like companionship at an activity of choice… Monday Night Football at Chili’s with the guys and widescreens.  Speech is optional.

Women, on the other hand, use both sides of their brains, so they activate more emotions, feelings, and communications from the right-side of the brain.  This translates into a woman’s desire to get together with other girlfriends and talk for the entire night… a representation of woman’s need for conversation.

Huh, okay, I think I get it… So as only a man could say…

Let’s summarize this “love data” for Valentine’s Day.  If there is no proof angels exist, and Leonard Nimoy never found an arrow laced with love potion lodged in a human derriere, on his “In Search Of” drama series, then a healthy dose of skepticism must be applied when analyzing Valentine’s Day.

All kidding aside, I’ll be with my wife on Valentine’s Day, drinking the Kool-Aid and exposing the right-side of my brain to all its emotions and feelings!