Unemployment and Jobs Remains as Top Issue Among Americans

Looking at the U.S. issue agenda there is one issue stands apart from the rest – unemployment and jobs (45%). However, concern has continued to show a steady decline since June 2012, and is now at the lowest point since tracking began three years ago. Public concern about healthcare (36%) follows, and corruption (25%) rounds out the top three issue priorities.

For comparison, unemployment and jobs appears as one of the top three issue priorities in four of the other six select countries surveyed, including: France (66%), Japan (49%), UK (43%), and Germany (33%). A closer look at the data by gender, age and income reveals unemployment and jobs and healthcare are running neck and neck with women, middle-aged and older residents as well as higher income households in the U.S. Healthcare stands a close second among these groups and with the launch of the exchanges in October this should be an interesting trend to watch.

Tracking issues over the past six months has also highlighted some noteworthy movement for taxes and terrorism. Now that tax season is over, public concern about taxes (21%) has declined, while terrorism (20%) is the only issue to have increased recently likely due in part to the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in April.

Public Perspectives is a monthly subscription report produced by U.S. Public Affairs which features Americans’ assessment of their national and local economies, their personal finances and their issue concerns. Data for this report were taken from Ipsos Global @dvisor, a survey conducted monthly in 25 countries around the world via Ipsos’ Online Panel system. To learn more about Ipsos Global @dvisor, please click here.