“Taking America Back”: Reasons and Meaning

  • Trump has forcefully pushed a strong “American Exceptionalism” rejuvenation narrative typified by his campaign slogan— “MAKE America Great Again!”
    • Often Trump operationalizes this slogan in speeches as “we need to take America back” or some derivation thereof.
  • To what degree do people agree with the message? And why?
    • Republicans are much more likely than Democrats to agree on the need to ‘take America Back” (77% v. 46%). Trump supporters, in turn, are even more likely at 87%.
    • When asked “from what we need to take America back” , Democrats and Republicans have distinct reasons.
      • Republicans cite most frequently “politicians”, “big government” and “immigrants”.
      • Democrats, in turn, cite “politicians” and the “rich”
  • Trump supporters, in turn, are more like Republicans.
    • Indeed, they mention most often “big government”, “politicians”, “liberals” and ‘immigrants” as objects from which America must be taken back.taking america back 1taking american back 2taking america back 3