Reuters Polling Explorer: 18 Months of Data, 200,000+ Interviews & Counting

Reuters, our U.S. and international media partner, has just launched a new interactive tool featuring Ipsos/Reuters polling data from the last 18 months and counting. Reuters Polling Explorer is based on 200,000+ interviews and we are continuously polling between 2,000 and 3,000 people a week.

Data collection began in January 2012 and over that period we have asked hundreds of questions ranging from presidential politics to the Oscars, from the Syrian civil war to the perception of social networks. The results of that work are now available for the public to explore through the Reuters Polling Explorer. There is no other public tool that exposes so much data about how Americans view each other, their world, their government and politics.

The survey data is fully searchable by topic, time frame and demographics. The data can also be filtered and sorted by age, gender, geography, religion, political affiliation, race and ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation and more as well as any combination of these variables. Data can also be broken down by time period (daily, weekly, monthly, total to date) for trend analysis.

Reuters Polling Explorer data is updated weekly, and new questions are added almost every week. Please enjoy and share: