Public Opinion & The Infrastructure Agenda

Shifting Paradigm Context

  • The system is broken. the system is broken
  • America is becoming increasingly polarized.polarized america
  • Both parties use framing to push their problems.framing
  • Why?
    • There are increased immigration pressures with more non-white than white babies born in 2011.immigration problems
    • There is economic pressure on the middle class. 63% believe they are worse off than their parents. worse off than parents

Infrastructure & Public Opinion 

    • Satisfaction with Infrastructure in Global Context
      • There’s a deep dissatisfaction with infrastructuredissatisfaction with infrastructure
    • Citizens have their own agenda and priorities
      • Main problems facing America todaymain problems facing us
    • Priorities have been stable over time and correlated with real things. priorities over time
    • Infrastructure must be linked to higher priorities investment opportunities
      • Must be linked to the economic growth agendalinking to economic growth agenda
    • Infrastructure Meaning & Agenda
      • What does infrastructure mean to people?infrastructure word cloud
      • Americans have infrastructure prioritiesinfrastructure priorities
      • Framing infrastructure as an investment is more effective framing investment
      • Projects must involve all stakeholders. local communities

Key Takeaways

    • Increased political uncertainty in medium term due to belief in the broken system 
    • Americans are concerned with infrastructure but it’s not a high priority issue
      • Must be linked to higher order concerns (like jobs/economy and security)
    • Infrastructure has multiple meanings: roads, bridges, jobs. But other concerns are important when prompted (water & energy)
      • Need to be specific about benefits
      • Talk investment NOT spending
    • Stakeholders want a voice. Give it to them!