Have Your Say on the IMHOIpsos Forum for Engaged Canadians

We ask Canadians all kinds of questions every day. Some questions are for our clients, others are for us. For the most part it’s a one way street – we ask, they answer – which is why this year we launched a new online discussion forum for two-way dialogue on important issues of the day.

In My Humble Opinion or IMHOIpsos is a forum for engaged Canadians to discuss politics, social issues, the economy, and more. Every week, our Public Affairs team, surveys thousands of Canadians asking them who they might vote for, what they think are the most important issues facing the country or their views on issues such as healthcare, the economy or other key issues. The purpose of IMHOIpsos is to give Canadians who have not been surveyed a chance to have their say and create an ongoing conversation around these important topics. The forum provides a space to exchange ideas where contributors can comment, reply, debate, like or dislike, and share their views.

IMHO Mar 2015

We launched IMHOIpsos in 2015 so that Canadians can have their say on top issues facing Canada or their local communities as we approach the Federal Election this fall. Throughout the year, we’ll release polling data to the IMHOIpsos community and we’ll look to members to help us determine which questions we should ask Canadians in the future.

We’ve also featured exclusive data about the use of social media and Twitter as it relates to engaging in social and political discourse online. This data is available to community members only and we’ll continue to feed the community with some of the interesting things we learn about Canadians.

I’ll leave you with this short video with myself and Darrell Bricker, our Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs. We are both contributing to the forum and hope to see you on there too! It’s free to sign up and you will receive email updates when new content and topics are posted on a regular basis.