Corruption Emerges as One of the Top Issues Facing the Country

The public has taken notice of the various “scandals” in Canadian politics recently as corruption has emerged to challenge healthcare for top spot on a list of issue priorities facing the country.

Healthcare (40%) has been and continues to be the top national issue among Canadians. However, corruption (37%) and taxes (36%) are now very close behind, knocking unemployment and jobs out of the top three. Interestingly, Canadians and our U.S. neighbours share two of the same top three issue concerns – healthcare and corruption. In the U.S., unemployment and jobs (45%) leads the way, followed by healthcare (36%) and corruption (25%) to round out the top three issues.

Looking at this issue agenda movement by gender, age, income and region reveals some interesting findings. Concerns about taxes and corruption have replaced healthcare and unemployment/jobs as the top ranked national issues among Canadian men. Concerns about taxes and corruption have also increased recently across all three age groups (under 35, 35-49 and 50+). Similarly, taxes and corruption have become higher priority issues among all three household income groups (lower, middle, higher) studied. When comparing the federal issue agendas by province and region, corruption now holds second spot in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Alberta, while an overall increase in concern can be seen across the country this month.

Public Perspectives is a monthly subscription report produced by Canadian Public Affairs which features Canadians’ assessment of their national and local economies, their personal finances and their issue concerns. Data for this report were taken from Ipsos Global @dvisor, a survey conducted monthly in 25 countries around the world via Ipsos’ Online Panel system. To learn more about Ipsos Global @dvisor, please click here.