Canadians’ Perceptions of the National Economy

On the heels of the 2013 Federal Budget, we turn our spotlight on the economy and despite some criticism that Finance Minister Flaherty’s economic growth projections are too rosy it appears that most Canadian concur with the Minister.

Canadians are among the most positive nations (65% very good/somewhat good) in assessing their current economic situation of the 24 countries studied. Prairie and Alberta residents continue to lead on positive assessments of most of the economic measures. Prairie (86%) and Alberta (74%) residents are the most positive in assessing the national economy. Men and higher income households tend to be somewhat more positive in assessing the national economy.

Canadians also appear somewhat more positive in assessing their current personal finances than they have been for awhile. Interestingly, there is very little difference across regions in assessments of current personal finances. Older Canadians, men and higher income households are more positive than others in assessing their personal finances.

Public Perspectives is a monthly subscription report produced by Canadian Public Affairs which features Canadians’ assessment of their national and local economies, their personal finances and their issue concerns. Data for this report were taken from Ipsos Global @dvisor, a survey conducted monthly in 24 countries around the world via Ipsos’ Online Panel system. To learn more about Ipsos Global @dvisor, please click here.