Canadian Ethnic Group Use of the Internet and Twitter for Public Discourse

Some Canadians are riding the digital wave, while others are lagging behind as the internet and social media expand the number of ways people can express themselves, communicate and find information. We rolled up 20,000+ online interviews conducted in 2013 to identify which Canadian subgroups are using the internet and Twitter for social and political discourse. We examined the data among ethnic groups on three dimensions:

  • Daily use of internet/social media to get information about/discuss policy, social, political issues
  • Weekly/more frequent use of Twitter
  • Past month started conversations or written original ideas online about policy, social, political issues

Our data reveals that those Canadians identifying as being East Indian (India), Latin American/Mexican and Asian/African report the highest activity online and on Twitter, followed closely by those identifying as Chinese. On the opposite end, those identifying as being UK/British, simply “Canadian”, or European fall behind all others in their reported use of the internet and Twitter for policy, social, political issues and authoring original ideas online.

The chart below shows a breakdown of the data by each dimension, including the national average and ethnic groups that Canadians identify as: