Americans Focused on Unemployment and Jobs

The issue agenda of Americans has remained focused on unemployment/jobs over the last three years.

Although unemployment/jobs dominance has decreased recently, the top three issue concerns among Americans include unemployment/jobs (48%), healthcare (36%), and taxes (30%). April marks ‘Tax Season’ in the U.S., and this month’s report reflects this, as taxes have solidified its position as the third ranked issue, behind healthcare, in the last six months. Another recent shift is the surge in concern about crime and violence (22%) likely driven by issues surrounding the gun control debate.

Americans and our Canadian neighbors share the same top three issue concerns – unemployment/jobs, healthcare and taxes. Interestingly, select other countries (UK, France, Germany, Brazil and Japan) also have some similar top issue concerns. For example, all selected countries in this study except Brazil share unemployment/jobs as one of their top three issues: France (71%), UK (49%), U.S. (48%), Japan (48%), Canada (39%) and Germany (33%). Here is a breakdown of the top issue by country:

  • Brazil – Healthcare (63%)
  • Canada – Healthcare (41%)
  • France– Unemployment/jobs (71%)
  • Germany – Poverty and social inequality (58%)
  • Japan– Unemployment/jobs (48%)
  • UK – Unemployment/jobs (49%)
  • U.S. – Unemployment/jobs (48%)

Public Perspectives is a monthly subscription report produced by U.S. Public Affairs which features Americans’ assessment of their national and local economies, their personal finances and their issue concerns. Data for this report were taken from Ipsos Global @dvisor, a survey conducted monthly in 24 countries around the world via Ipsos’ Online Panel system. To learn more about Ipsos Global @dvisor, please click here.