Taking A Holiday Pulse

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The holidays are the biggest sales season of the year – I know that personally by the line-ups I’ve stood in to see the smile on my kids’ faces come Christmas morning. But as a researcher, I also know that most marketing plans were set earlier in the year, and not necessarily reflective of new market realities – not to mention competitor product launches, etc. Ensuring a strong performance in Q4 isn’t really magic: to help our valued clients optimize their holiday performance, we have developed a fast and easy research tool to guide Q4 portfolio, pricing and messaging adjustments.

The Situation

The holidays are the biggest sales season of the year.

The Problem

Marketing plans were set early in the year. Nine months later, the market has changed, things may not have gone exactly as expected, and new information is now available.

The Solution

The Ipsos Vantis team can help you take a quick pulse of the market and make necessary last minute adjustments to boost your innovation plans and holiday sales!

Taking a Holiday Pulse lets clients conduct fast, easy research before the critical holiday season is upon us.

Ipsos,Vantis,InnoQuest,holiday,pulse,innovation,research,concept testing


— Prepare for the impact of changes to the competitive landscape

— Plan final improvements to your product portfolio and (re)set your expectations

— Preserve your profit margin by identifying appropriate promotional pricing levels

— Prime your communications and messaging efforts to take advantage of the biggest season of the year!

We’re rolling out Holiday Pulse based on our Vantis platform of innovation research tools, organized in a way to deliver fast, easy research actions to fine tune and guide your Q4 2012 portfolio, pricing, and messaging efforts.


— Answers in 3 weeks starring at $20K

— Online survey, 10-15 minutes

— n=300 recommended sample size

— Includes 1 module; $5,000 per additional modules

Ipsos,Vantis,InnoQuest,holiday,pulse,innovation,research,concept testing

Pre-Post Share Shifting

Holiday Pulse lets you uncover how recent changes to the competitive landscape will impact your holiday sales. Apply it when:

— New competitor(s) entered the market

— You have a new offer or price promotion

— Competitors change their price

— You want to run wargame launch and pricing scenarios versus your competitors

Ipsos,Vantis,InnoQuest,innovation,research,concept testing,messaging

Pricing Analysis

Holiday Pulse lets you determine at what price you can expect to maximize demand. Apply it when:

— You are launching a new product or service and need to take a last minute sense-check on pricing

— You are planning a price adjustment or price promotion and want to know the volume impact on your business

Ipsos,Vantis,InnoQuest,innovation,research,concept testing,price elasticity

Messaging Analysis

Holiday Pulse lets you analyze if your messaging is going to perform up to expectations and suggests what can be done to improve it. Apply it when:

— Your current messaging isn’t having a desired impact in the market

— You are uncertain of what part(s) of your offer truly drive customer interest

— You have several messages and are not sure which is the best

Ipsos,Vantis,InnoQuest,innovation,research,concept testing,messaging

By leveraging Ipsos InnoQuest’s Vantis Tools the Ipsos Vantis Team can provide fast, easy research actions to guide your Q4 Holiday 2012 product and service portfolio while fine tuning your pricing and messaging. Keep your innovation process running smoothly by investing in a quick pulse for this critical selling season.

To learn more about how you can design your own Holiday Pulse to remain innovative and competitive during the Holiday 2012 season, please contact Tracy Floyd at 603-661-4884 or at tracy.floyd@ipsos.com