Trump, It’s the Men Stupid!?: The Great March Implosion

  • Over the last week, Trump’s numbers across the board have tanked: fav scores, likability, primary vote share, general election vote share, etc. 
  • This implosion has been attributed (and rightly so) to Trump’s consistent and relentless slights against women. No need to cite the events as the list is very long.

So it’s Women that are driving these numbers, right? Wrong! 

  • Most would expect women to be driving this trend. But this is actually not the case: Women already don’t like Trump (only 33% average fav scores).
  •  Instead, the trend is really being driven by Men—about a 15-point drop in fav scores over the last five days!


  • The answer is very simple. One must be “presidential” to be President: bashing women won’t get you there.
  • At this stage of the game, Trump is a negative fact generator to this oh so important proof point.

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