TOMAmeter September 21 – September 27: New Shows Begin to Invade the TOMAmeter

In the first week of the new TV season, we are now seeing several of the fall’s newest shows entering the top twenty in unaided mention in the TOMAmeter. In addition to NBC’s Blindspot, which moved upwards by six spots to #11 in the rankings, this week saw the new entry of Fox’s Scream Queens (#10) and ABC’s The Muppets (#19).

Other new fall shows on the brink of the top twenty include Limitless (CBS), Quantico (ABC), and Heroes Reborn (NBC).

Another program on the rise this week is Fox’s Gotham, which increased in the rankings by four spots to #9.

Dropping out of the rankings this week are the NFL (previously #7), American Horror Story (previously #12), The Flash (previously #18), Criminal Minds (previously #19), and Supernatural (previously #20); in their places are Scream Queens (#10), How to Get Away with Murder (#12), The Voice (#13), CSI (#18), and The Muppets (#19).

ABC once again leads in programs in the top twenty for the rankings this week with seven programs listed. Following behind are CBS and NBC with three apiece, and AMC has two.

Each week, Ipsos MediaCT TV Dailies seeks to find out what television shows have people talking. Collecting over 5,000 unaided responses among persons ages 13-64, TV Dailies produces a top of mind awareness meter (TOMAmeter) that details the 20 most spontaneously mentioned television shows.

Here are your TOMAmeter results for September 21 – 27.