TOMAmeter Quarter 3 Summary: Breaking Bad Owns the Third Quarter

If you have been following the TOMAmeter over the past few months it should come as no surprise that AMC’s Breaking Bad is the most mentioned program in the third quarter. With the final episodes airing during this time, fans of the program helped it move up 19 places from the quarter two rankings. Just behind Breaking Bad was the CBS’ new series Under the Dome which saw time in the top spot over the summer and was previously ranked #30 during the last quarter.

Reigning holder of the top spot, HBO’s Game of Thrones, started off the quarter strong but has since fallen in the weekly rankings. Despite the decline in the rankings each week, Game of Thrones was still the 7th most mentioned program during the third quarter.

Staples such as AMC’s The Walking Dead (#3), CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (#4) and NCIS (#5) remain in the top 5 where they have been since the first quarter.

Under the Dome was not the only new series to see success in the TOMAmeter during the third quarter. FOX’s breakout hit Sleepy Hollow was previously unranked last quarter but was the 12th most mentioned program of this quarter.

CBS’ Big Brother (#10) and FX’s Sons of Anarchy (#19) saw the largest jump in the rankings this quarter. Sons of Anarchy moved up an astounding 70 places while Big Brother moved up an impressive 62 spots from last quarter.

Quarter 3 word cloud

Each week, Ipsos MediaCT TV Dailies seeks to find out what television shows have people talking. Collecting over 5,000 unaided responses among persons ages 13-64, TV Dailies produces a top of mind awareness meter (TOMAmeter) that details the 20 most spontaneously mentioned television shows.

Here are your 2013 Quarter 3 TOMAmeter results

Quarter 3 chart

Can Breaking Bad survive another quarter? Or will another program rise to the top of the rankings?