TOMAmeter October 20 – 26: Sons of Anarchy Keeps Riding Toward the Top!

FX’s Sons of Anarchy is driving toward its series final and also into the top half of our rankings. With the largest increase in our standing this week, Sons of Anarchy moved up nine spots to #10 and is the only fresh face in the Top 10 that was not in there last week.

The program with the second best performance this week was NBC’s The Voice which improved three places to #11 but was not the only competition show to make waves this week. ABC’s Dancing with the Stars returned to the Top 20 to claim the final spot in our rankings.

The Top 4 remained unchanged but ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder squeezed past FX’s American Horror Story to claim the #5 spot. After four consecutive weeks at #6, How to Get Away with Murder finally broke the trend and moved up to its best rankings position in the programs brief history.

One new broadcast program not performing as well this week was CBSScorpion which fell from #13 all the way out of the Top 20.

With the addition of Dancing with the Stars to the rankings this week, ABC has tied CBS as the most represented network with four programs apiece this week.

New programs in our Top 20: NFL (#17), CBS’ CSI (#18) and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (#20).

No longer in our Top 20 this week: CBS’ Scorpion (previously #13), CW’s Supernatural (previously #16) and FOX’s Bones (previously #20).

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Here are your TOMAmeter results for October 20 – 26.

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