TOMAmeter November 23 – November 29: Jessica Jones Enters

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Entering the TOMAmeter for the first time this week is Netflix’s latest Marvel series, Jessica Jones. After Netflix’s Daredevil premiered on April 10, it entered the TOMAmeter at #6 the following week, so while Jessica Jones enters the TOMAmeter in a comparable timeframe, at #15 in the rankings it enters at a much lower spot than Daredevil. We’ll have to wait to see if the combination of positive buzz and critical acclaim for Jessica Jones will cause it to grow in the coming weeks.

Orange is the New Black also showed increases in the TOMAmeter, rising six spots to #8 in the rankings; with recent announcements about the upcoming fourth season of the Netflix hit, it’s possible that buzz and awareness for the upcoming season will drive mention in the TOMAmeter to increase going forward.

Entering the TOMAmeter this week are Dancing With the Stars (#9) and Jessica Jones (#15); falling out are The Voice (previously #10) and Once Upon a Time (previously #13).

ABC continues to lead the TOMAmeter with four shows in the top twenty; CBS and the CW follow behind in second place with three apiece.

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Here are your TOMAmeter results for November 23 – 29.
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