TOMAmeter November 10 – 16: Scandal in the Top 5!

While the Top 5 may be populated with most of the same faces in the same places from last week, this week ABC’s Scandal jumps up two places to claim the #5 spot. This marks the first time Scandal has made in into the Top 5 since the tail end of April.

Another ABC program had a strong week as Once Upon a Time saw the largest increase, moving up from #12 to #8. One ABC program heading in the other direction this week was How to Get Away with Murder, which fell five places to #11. This represents the lowest placement in the rankings since mid-September.

NBC’s The Blacklist had its mid-season finale this past week and mentions of the program were strong enough to move it up three spots to #7 this week.

ABC had a new addition to the Top 20 this week, but so did CBS, which still is the most represented network in our rankings.

New programs in our Top 20: ABC’s Modern Family (#14) and CBSCSI (#17).

No longer in our Top 20 this week: Netflix’s Orange is the New Black (previously #13) and NFL (previously #17).

Cloud Nov 10

Each week, Ipsos MediaCT TV Dailies seeks to find out what television shows have people talking. Collecting over 5,000 unaided responses among persons ages 13-64, TV Dailies produces a top of mind awareness meter (TOMAmeter) that details the 20 most spontaneously mentioned television shows.

Here are your TOMAmeter results for November 10 – 16.

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