TOMAmeter March 2016 – March is Netflix’s Month

TOMAmeter March 2016 - TV image

Late February and March brought a whole lot of new programming, and as a result, several new programs from Netflix entered the TOMAmeter for the month of March. Among the big movers and shakers, we see that Fuller House, which debuted on February 26, as well as House of Cards, which debuted its fourth season on March 4th, were both in the top ten programs in the TOMAmeter. Also in the top twenty were Orange is the New Black, which has its fourth season premiere in June, as well as Daredevil, which debuted its second season on March 18th. With four programs in the top twenty, Netflix matched CBS’ total for the month.

Although it always dominates in the TOMAmeter, The Walking Dead was particularly dominant in March, with over 15% of respondents mentioning hearing about it. Based on the buzz and controversy surrounding the last few weeks of the show’s sixth season, which had its finale on April 3rd, it’s not surprising to see the show mentioned particularly prominently.

Also prominent in the TOMAmeter this month was NBC’s The Voice, which debuted its tenth season on February 29th.

TOMAmeter March 2016 - top 20