TOMAmeter March 10 –16: Resurrection Gives the TOMAmeter A Pulse

ABC’s Resurrection has given the network and our rankings new life as the new program moved up from #5 to #2 and looks to be the next competitor to overthrow AMC’s The Walking Dead, which is again at the top of the TOMAmeter.

Following in Resurrection’s footsteps is NBC’s Believe which debuted this past Monday and also debuted in the Top 20 coming in at #6.

Hot on the heels of a thrilling 7 episode run, the finale of HBO’s True Detective caused mentions of the program to surge as last week’s 20th most mentioned program moved up to #8 this week, an increase of 12 spots in the rankings.

What is true for True Detective is no longer the case with Netflix’s House of Cards which has fallen 11 places down to #16. With a month since its release, have viewers binge watched all they could and are we finally seeing the buzz die down?

Despite the 11 spot drop, House of Cards was not the program which saw the steepest decline this week. ABC’s Scandal fell from #8 to #20 and is in danger of falling out of the Top 20 for the first time during its third season in which the program was not on hiatus.

A new look at our TOMAmeter shows that ABC and NBC tied at 4 apiece for the network most represented in our Top 20.

New to our Top 20 this week were: NBC’s Believe (#6) and Law and Order (#15), FOX’s Bones (#17) and ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars (#19)

Falling out of our Top 20 this week were: The Oscars/Academy Awards (previously #2), The Olympics (previously #10), CBS’ How I Met Your Mother (previously #16) and CW’s Supernatural (previously #19).

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Each week, Ipsos MediaCT TV Dailies seeks to find out what television shows have people talking. Collecting over 5,000 unaided responses among persons ages 13-64, TV Dailies produces a top of mind awareness meter (TOMAmeter) that details the 20 most spontaneously mentioned television shows.

Here are your TOMAmeter results for March 10 – 16.

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