TOMAmeter June 9 – June 15: Olé, Olé, Olé!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is underway and mentions of the sporting event were so strong that its first appearance in the Top 20 was at #8. The NBA Finals on ABC also found its way into the Top 20 this week, bouncing up to #16.

Netflix’s Orange is the New Black had another strong week and continued to close the gap on HBO’s Game of Thrones,which just concluded its stellar fourth season. Orange is the New Black may have overcome Game of Thrones if it had been released toward the end of June rather than the start of the month.

Among the many newcomers to the Top 20 this week, FX’s Fargo is the only original program. The gripping dark-comedy crime drama is set to conclude its first season this week so mentions next week could push the program pasted #17 where it currently resides.

CBS saw two programs bow out of the Top 20 this week but still remained the most represented network with three programs. ABC, AMC, FOX, HBO and NBC all checked in with two programs apiece.

New programs in our Top 20: FIFA World Cup (#8), ABC’s NBA (#16), FX’s Fargo (#17), A&E’s Duck Dynasty (#18), Dr. Who (#19) and CW’s Supernatural (#20).

Out of our Top 20 this week: Showtime’s Penny Dreadful (previously #15), AMC’s Mad Men (#16), CBS’ Criminal Minds (previously #17) and CSI (previously #18), ABC’s Once Upon a Time (previously #19) and The Bachelorette/Bachelor (previously #20).

Word Cloud June 16

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Here are your TOMAmeter results for June 9 – 15.

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