TOMAmeter June 2016 – Game of Thrones Continues to Rule the Roost!

June 2016 - TV imageWith season 6 of Game of Thrones ending in June 2016, the show continued to be at the top of the Top 20’s list, with Orange is the New Black coming in second following its June 17th premiere on Netflix – a big rise from the #9 rank it had last month. Though Game of Thrones continues to lead the chart, Orange is the New Black attains almost the same mention rate amongst all age groups as The Walking Dead (#3). Netflix’s flagship show, however, has a higher mention rate among female audiences across the board, while The Walking Dead has a higher mention rate for male audiences.

The top 10 saw only one new entrant – America’s Got Talent, with its season 11 premiering at the end of May 2016. June saw quite a few entrants in the top 20 of the TOMAmeter owing to the premieres of new seasons of summer shows such as ABC’s The Bachelorette at #11, AMC’s Preacher at #13, CBS’ Big Brother at #15, and Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars at #16, as well as the NBA at #17, following an exciting NBA finals.

While it did not make it to the Top 20 list, another notable mention is the upcoming Olympics – which is currently at #23, and we expect it to only rise upwards in the ranks as we approach the August dates.

CBS and ABC both continued to lead for top mentions in the TOMAmeter, having 4 programs each, while the CW follows close behind with three programs.

Notable shows dropping out of the top twenty for June include The Voice (previously #10), The Blacklist (previously #12), Fear the Walking Dead (previously #13), Castle (previously #14), Gotham (previously #16), Survivor (previously #19), and Once Upon a Time (previously #20).

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