TOMAmeter July 2016: Seasonal Events Start to Take the Spotlight

TV TOMAmeter July 2016

With the Olympics just a month away, it’s no surprise to see that the 2016 Rio Olympics is the latest new entry into the TOMAmeter at #6, as pre-Olympics previews and Olympics trials wrap up and athletes begin to travel to Brazil. Coverage of the Olympics will be at its peak during the month of August, so expect to see the Olympics dominate the TOMAmeter for August.

Also new to the TOMAmeter this month is 2016 Election Coverage. With the Republican and Democratic national conventions drawing heavy attention in each of their respective weeks, and the coverage of the election heating up, the month of July was strong for election coverage. With the Olympics likely to dominate the news cycle for the next month, it’s unclear how the election will be affected, but when the presidential and vice-presidential debates come around in the end of September, we are confident that coverage of the election will peak.

The last new entrant to the TOMAmeter for the month is USA’s hit hacker drama Mr. Robot, which premiered its second season on July 13th after locking up six Emmy nominations.

Just missing the TOMAmeter for the month were AMC’s Preacher, (previously #13) which just wrapped up its first season, and Netflix’s surprise sci-fi sensation, Stranger Things, which debuted its first season on July 15.

CBS leads in the TOMAmeter for the month with four programs, followed by the CW with three programs.

Top 20 TOMAmeter July 2016