TOMAmeter December 16 – 22: Duck Dynasty Almost Overthrows The Walking Dead

In light of recent controversy, it is no surprise to see A&E’s Duck Dynasty move up 5 places to #2, giving our reigning #1 TV show some serious competition. Despite the recent surge among programs in the past few weeks, AMC’s The Walking Dead has held on to the top spot where it has been firmly entrenched since the beginning of October.

Bonnie and Clyde (simulcast on History, Lifetime and A&E) fell a whopping 16 spots in the rankings this week as last week’s #2 most mentioned program or TV event is now in danger of falling out of the Top 20 completely.

After a strong performance in the week following its finale, FX’s Sons of Anarchy has fallen from #6 to #13.

With many “Best of 2013” lists going around the internet, it is possible that they could have helped propel AMC’s Breaking Bad back up the rankings. The summer hit, which concluded for good this past September, has moved up 11 spots to #6 after a week in which it looked like it may fall out of the Top 20.

After a season finale which left viewers gasping for breath, Showtime’s Homeland reemerged in the Top 20 coming in at #15. Also entering the Top 20 again was FOX’s American Idol (#17) and CBS’ Criminal Minds (#20).

Can the recent comments of the Robertson family member vault Duck Dynasty past The Walking Dead? Check back next week to find out.

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Here are your TOMAmeter results for December 16 – 22.

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