This Is Very Important

It isn’t often that you see a sign like this: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. There’s a message that will stop you in your tracks and prompt you to read more. Many of us at Ipsos did, especially when we realized, with delight, that our colleague’s article was named as The Most Important Presentation at Esomar Congress. Wow, indeed. Lee’s presentation (Lee Markowitz is Ipsos InnoQuest’s Chief Research Officer) was entitled “What’s a Nice Insight Like You Doing in a Concept Like This” and co-presented with Ipsos France’s Barbara Garau and Lourdes Alvarez-Chavarria. It addressed the gap between insight identification and concept development. Anyway, don’t take our word for it: see what Steve August (Greenbook, October 8, 2012) had to say about it.

“The presentation from ESOMAR Congress [September 2012] that has stayed with me featured none of the hot topics in market research. There was no demonstration of advanced technology, no facial tracking, no mobile, no communities, not even a mention of big data or behavioral economics. Here is why it won out against so many great sessions.”

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