How technology will change the future lives of Canadians

Ipsos recently completed a study asking Canadians about the next 10 years and their views of close to 50 future scenarios related to the adoption of new technologies, how communities and businesses will manage our shifting demographics, and the role of government, business and individuals in managing the future.

In an article I wrote for Global News, I discuss some of the highlights of this study.

Why did we run the study? Well, because we think it is just as important to look forward and measure the expectations of Canadians as it is to take a pulse of what’s happening today.

The CanadaNext study will be released in September 2017 at a symposium hosted by the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, but given the dilemma facing Sears and other retailers, we thought it would be good to share with Global News readers some insight into what Canadians say they think the future looks like for Canadian retailers.

First and foremost, online shopping is not a trend that will fade away. Seven in 10 (73%) Canadians say that it is likely that within the next 10 years, half of all retail transactions including groceries, will occur online.

When we asked if they thought this would make their life better or worse, a plurality (37%) said it would make their lives better but 30% said it would make their lives worse.

Canadians seem to be saying that the death of brick and mortar (they see the same thing for retail, banks and government offices but less so for movie theatres) seems to be inevitable.

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