Stay Plugged In With Your Customers

Let’s face it. The telecommunications marketplace can be tough. There are more companies than ever competing for market share, and consumers are becoming increasingly fickle towards brands. If a positive experience isn’t delivered, there’s a good chance they will move onto another brand.

In exploring the telecommunications landscape, we’ve identified several business realities that manufacturers and marketers must face. Companies that acknowledge and address these realities are more likely to see increased trust, loyalty and satisfaction among consumers.

Share of mind is critical.  As carriers and device manufacturers, you don’t always own the store or control the staff selling your product or service. This means that you must compete for the hearts and minds of someone else’s employees.

The “try before you buy” dynamic is realWith 68% of all purchases being unplanned, the in-store experience is absolutely critical in turning shoppers into buyers.

Sales associates have limited attention spans.  Conversations with customers shopping for devices are typically limited to no more than one device, particularly at non Best Buy outlets.

Education and product knowledge are critical to beating your competition.  Sales associates want to be better educated when it comes to your device.  And while store-owned sales associates lag behind OEM representatives at driving in-store momentum, merchandising visits can still generate a significant lift among store employees on proven sales conversion drivers such as recommendation, knowledge, and enthusiasm for your device.

Getting the demo right can drive sales. There is a lot of white space when it comes to optimizing demos – no one competitor stands out among the others on demo procedures that facilitate trial and purchase intent.

Rank matters.  Sure, you may be satisfied with 45% of sales associates being enthusiastic about your device. But perhaps not once you realize that 70% of those same individuals are also enthusiastic about your competitor’s offer!

So what can you do to maintain trust and satisfaction in the telecommunications industry? The winners will be the brands who truly understand their shoppers’ experience. This means everything from presentation (cleanliness, uniforms) to people (knowledge, selling skills) to products (promotions, merchandising). And Ipsos Loyalty can help you with this. Our new syndicated telecommunications Mystery Shopping study provides a full snapshot of how mobile devices and wireless providers are presented at point of sale.

Why should you use a syndicated Mystery Shopping study? There are many benefits, but three stand out.

  • It enables you to capture objective feedback on your performance from ‘trained’ mystery shoppers.
  • It allows you to benchmark your in-store customer experience against your competitors.
  • And finally, you can enjoy a shared cost solution delivering value-for-money.

Want to know more about this new solution? Click here for a brief overview including costs and study timelines or email