Seattle Knowledge Summit 2012: Collaborate, Integrate & Innovate – Moving from Data to Insights

We’ve been planning this one for a while and the day is finally here! Our 2012 Seattle Knowledge Summit. The Pacific Northwest is known for its natural beauty and quality lifestyle but it is also home to some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in America. What better way to connect with Seattle-area marketers than with a Knowledge Summit themed on collaboration, integration and innovation – its what we’re known for in this region.

Check below for what’s in store at today’s event and follow us on Twitter @ipsosna or through #IpsosSummit – and if you are in Seattle today, join us at The Canal!

On the agenda…

Voyage Of A Start-Up: Integrating the Voice of the Customer to Navigate Success

Hear about the journey to success by one of the Pacific Northwest’s most innovative internet-based companies: During this co-presentation with the Director of Trade Marketing for Zillow, the speakers will show how they integrated various sources of data to drive success.

Customer Satisfaction Is Not Just Listening To The Customer, It Is Hearing What They Say

During this presentation, attendees will hear insights that will take their loyalty programs to higher levels. Alaska Airlines’ Director of Loyalty will join Ipsos to discuss how Alaska Airlines incorporated their customer satisfaction research program into a company culture. Learnings will be focused on how Alaska Airlines listened to what customers were asking for, and how they adapted to ensure that the airline maintained its place as one of the most highly rated airlines in the United States.

What We Can Learn From the Socialization of Super Bowl Ads: A Lesson in Integration

Social media has changed consumers’ lives, changed the way they communicate and the way they want to connect with us. This is the new normal and we can’t go back now. The core discipline of market research has changed and we need to move beyond merely asking questions. Marketers need to be asking, listening, and observing; using multiple sound-bites of knowledge obtained from many channels. This necessitates the move to a world of people, experiences and stories. Using this year’s Super Bowl advertising as a case study, this presentation will explore what worked, what didn’t and how marketers can combine traditional and new approaches to gain better insights.

Getting To The ‘Why’ Along The Consumer Decision Journey

The proliferation of digital channels is reshaping the way consumers make decisions: they take more time, complete more research and travel through more points of influence than ever before. At Ipsos, we’ve learned that the traditional purchase path is no longer linear, and that different touch points can influence specific parts of the journey. After studying the number and variety of channels that can influence purchase behavior, Ipsos went further to create a better way to understand how brands can build specific emotional connections along the path to purchase. Attendees will hear insights that can inspire more effective creative execution, and map directly to multiple planning strategies.

The Triangulation Journey: Aligning Reputation Levers, Issue Impact and Message Fit

Little frustrates communications professionals more than developing a great campaign only to see it have little or no impact on their company’s reputation. That’s where triangulation comes in. During this presentation, we will show you how triangulation – measuring driver analysis, issue impact, and message fit – can help make sure that a campaign not only tests well, but that it is aligned with the attitudes driving the company’s reputation and the issues that are impacting the company or industry.