Public Perspectives: A Whole New Ballgame for 2016

Any question about whether or not Canadians’ have noticed the economic downturn can be put to rest. Canadians’ assessments of the national economy have plummeted, dragging down their views on the condition of their personal finances and prospects for improvement in the near-term future.

While Canadians continue to rank unemployment/jobs, healthcare, taxes and poverty/social inequality on top of their national issue priority list, other issues have caught their attention recently including immigration control, terrorism and climate change.

Residents in each region differ in the issues that they see as national priorities. Unemployment/jobs is a particular focus in Ontario and especially Alberta, while healthcare occupies top spot in BC, Prairies and Quebec. Climate change emerges as a top 5 ranked issue in Atlantic Canada, but ranks down the list in other regions.

Needless to say that the new federal government will be challenged in building widespread regional consensus on the priority issues for moving the country forward. Click here for the full report.

PP Feb 2016 screenshot