Public Opinion’s Agenda and Trump: Economic Growth, Healthcare, Immigration, and Infrastructure

The Trump administration will face a public agenda which is mostly domestic in focus.  The American public’s number one priority is jobs and the economy.  Terrorism as a concern comes in second and is especially important among Republicans.

most important problem facing america today

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On immigration, a majority of Americans support Trump’s policy prescriptions as laid out in his Arizona speech.  The two exceptions are: (1) building a wall and (2) deporting or targeting illegal immigrants who came as children.

prposed immigration policy support


On healthcare, only a plurality of Americans support Obamacare in general. However, when asked about specific policy items, a strong majority of Americans support the measures with the exception of the mandatory requirement to possess insurance. More specifically, a very strong majority of both Republicans and Democrats support (1) protections against pre-existing conditions and (2) coverage of adult children.

support for healthcare reform act

support for obamacare


Infrastructure is lower on the public agenda. However, when linked to long-term economic growth it gains supermajority support

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linking infrastructure to economic growth

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