Promises, Promises…

You made me promises, promises… Knowing I’d believe promises, promises… You knew you’d never keep… (Naked Eyes – Classic 80’s rock band)

It’s a New Year, and the promises and commitments made by many Americans for 2013 have already been broken, abandoned, or pushed till February.

Data from our recent Thought Starter, “Just One of Many New Year Wishes”, show how US citizens are handling the stress of a post-election society, and taking on new personal challenges in 2013.

So we ask the question… Will the commitment for Americans be any stronger in 2013, than years past?

Well, for females, and the 55+ crowd (caregivers in their own rights), Ipsos data shows just how challenging it will be to keep many of these personal commitments.   From losing weight, to improving health, eating healthier, and managing stress in daily lives, females and the 55+ crowd, have their sights set high in 2013.

Why… Because as caregivers, and enablers to many in their lives, females and 55+ have a hard enough time following one simple golden rule… Take care of yourself first, and focus on your own wellbeing.

Is this a selfish act? Not if you expect to live a long and prosperous life with Dr. Spock!

As many caregivers will tell you, “It’s in my DNA to nurture, protect, and care for others, first, and take care of myself second.”

But, at what cost… Caregivers, mothers, and many Baby Boomers, have become built-in child care agencies, cab drivers, chef du jour, on-the-go-ATMs, and the stable foundation for many families of today’s post-election America.

Let me ask the caregivers once simple question… How can you possibly achieve the goals set, and mentioned above, if you don’t put yourself first?

In 2013, let’s commit to getting committed to ourselves first… Only then can we leave a truly positive legacy for our families, co-workers, and friends.