New From Ipsos Affluent Intelligence: Digital Audiences

For over forty years, Ipsos Affluent Intelligence has been the preeminent authority on affluent American consumers. IAI’s continuously fielded Affluent Survey is the longest running, most widely used study of consumers with household income over $125,000. The survey offers an unparalleled view into affluent attitudes, preferences, brand ownership, media habits and purchase intentions – including insights about “Affluencers”, the affluent influencers who are driving growth and evolution of all categories. Marketers and publishers leverage IAI’s data to develop product strategies, brand experiences, content, messaging and media strategies.

Now, in addition to providing insights into Affluents, IAI has announced the availability of IAI’s gold-standard data to reach these high-value audiences for digital campaign activation across the digital ecosystem.

“It was a natural fit for us. We have always helped our partners define, profile and develop understanding of influential target audiences with our data. These Digital Audiences allow us to move beyond providing insights for clients, and help them actually reach and engage them via advertising. Talk about making research actionable,” said Michael Baer, SVP, Managing Director at IAI.

The new audience segments provide access to hard-to-find affluent consumers, including C-Suite, affluent influencers (“Affluencers”), and category intenders who plan purchases in the next twelve months. Ipsos Digital Audiences are available in most DMPs, DSPs, ad servers, and exchanges. Custom-built audiences are also available—all based on data you know and from a name you trust.

For more information about the audience segments now available, please visit