Men and Millennials More Likely to Gobble Up Thanksgiving Deals

Mistakes you only make once…

  • Cell phone going off at a funeral
  • Telling your spouse-mate-partner they could stand to lose a little weight
  • Buying a Viking-size turkey leg at the local Carnival (eeewww)
  • Adding insurance to a newly purchased Flat Screen TV (they last 700 years)

And… if you are a male between the ages of 18-34 (Millennials Rising)… please add this to the list… “SHOPPING on Thanksgiving Day”!

In Ipsos Public Affairs’ most recent edition of its Thought Starter series, To Stuff the Turkey or Stockings this Thanksgiving, 27% of Americans will do “Black Friday” shopping on Thanksgiving, with men (30%) making up more of the shoppers than women (23%).


Come on guys, are you kidding me? I am begging you to put down your stocking stuffer copy of “Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus.”

Ever since General Custer retreated to Medicine Tail Coulee, and met his demise at the Battle of Little Big Horn, men have surrendered too much turf. Is it possible the Housewives of Orange County could be on a TV set this Thanksgiving in your house? Blasphemy!

And Millennials… you aren’t helping the cause. 44% state you will shop during Thanksgiving. Why?

Is it because turkey dinner is less traditional than a #8 Cool Ranch Doritos Crunchy Soft Taco combo meal at the local Taco Bell drive thru? Although I am a Boomer, this is my favorite drive thru meal anywhere on earth including Montana.

The research group, Designed Thinking, tracks OCD facts and statistics, and cites only 2.3% of Americans, between the ages of 18-54 years old, suffer from OCD. Our study revealed that 54% of Americans start winter holiday gift shopping before Thanksgiving, with 26% of Americans starting before Halloween (who doesn’t love Candy Corn?).

So if so few suffer from OCD, why do so many, shop so early in the holiday season? Hasn’t anyone learned the value of keeping money in the bank till the very last minute to benefit from accruing interest? Oh that’s right we are the nation of credit card crazies!

Everyone knows where Custer’s Last Stand took place, but very few heard his last words.  Thankfully and amazingly (not really), my Great Uncle Vinny was there. He was a pundit-hack-stringer, writing stories for The Madesonian, Montana’s oldest paper founded in 1873.

As Custer lay wounded by the river, Uncle Vinny asked for his last thoughts. Custer mustered up and said, “What I would give for one more tryptophan-induced-turkey eating-coma, while watching the Cowboys beat the Redskins”, and it certainly most wasn’t, “Hey, is there a blue light special we can get to after the Custard Pie is demolished?

I guess Custer might have re-thought his last words if he had the benefit of tapping his PDA to purchase 17 gifts in 10 minutes, from a preset online-retailer-instant-updated-wish list from the comfort of his bearskin rug tent. Our Ipsos study shows that the vast majority of Americans (82%) are buying some holiday gifts online this year vs. (18%) of the brick and mortar clan.

Well, what did we learn today?

  • Retailers need to target men and Millennials with the Thanksgiving experience, as much as the true head of household (loving partners of these men)
  • It’s not too early to set the deals in October. Land grab the 26% who want it done before Halloween
  • The ease of online will probably reach 90% in 2015
  • Custer was lucky to have known my Great Uncle Vinny