Love, Brands and the Pacific Northwest

Photo credit: Courtney Barton

The Pacific Northwest. It’s a region that fosters an environment of creativity and experimentation so powerful that it has produced breakthrough companies like Amazon, Nike and Starbucks. It’s truly like no other place, so our team of researchers at Ipsos was pretty curious to find out which brands are most cherished by those that call this region home. We set out to do just that, creating a ranking of the most loved brands in the Pacific Northwest, and also exploring what it is that makes these brands loved.

To do this, we developed a list of 75 consumer-facing brands in both Washington and Oregon. Once the list was finalized, we turned to 1,500 consumers for their input. This involved two parts. We first determined the Attitudinal Equity score for each brand, which is an indexed score that tells you how you size up against your competitors when it comes to love. This relies on two key measures: personal relevance (how well a brands meets one’s needs) and brand closeness (how close people feel to the brand). The higher your indexed score, the more loved your brand.

But just like with people, brands can be loved for various reasons. We identified 12 of them. Specifically, survey respondents were asked to identify the brands they most identify with, are unique and most innovative as well as those brands with which they have had positive/negative experiences. Respondents were also asked about which brands are most associated with high quality, which make a positive contribution to the Pacific Northwest and which ones people are proudest to use (among other things).

I bet you’re curious who made the cut. Counting down from number ten to number one, the Top 10 Most Loved Brands in the Pacific Northwest are…

10. Salvation Army
9. Seattle Mariners
8. Columbia Sportswear
7. Nike
6. Seattle Seahawks
5. Starbucks
4. Alaska Airlines
3. Microsoft
2. Costco
1. Amazon

As I’m sure you’ll agree, these brands define what the Pacific Northwest is all about. They are innovative, entrepreneurial and socially responsible. Some of the brands aren’t exactly mind blowing – we would expect influential technology and retail brands like Amazon and Costco to rank highly. But when we see the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners enter the Top Ten, the mix starts to get interesting. These are companies that fall outside the realm of what most people might even consider a brand. With this diversity, it raises the question: how do brands weave their way into consumers’ hearts?

In a recent article in Seattle Business, we go into an in-depth exploration of the Most Loved Brands in the Pacific Northwest, discussing the unique attributes that contribute to each brand’s love score. Because consumers tend to do more business with a brand they love over one they don’t, you’ll want to know the secrets to their success. Pick up your copy of the April issue or check it out online here:,0