Live Innovation

Innovation is a cornerstone of success. Building on that, the Ipsos office in Vancouver recently hosted its own Knowledge Summit on July 17 at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel. The event – It’s Cool to be Innovative – showcased tips, techniques, and cool research methodologies in terms of customer understanding, and taking brand and business success to the next level.

It’s another way Ipsos recognizes the importance of face time with clients. While some information can be shared effectively using digital/online presentation; honestly, some things are just better experienced in person. An example was the demonstration of new biometric research approaches at the event.

Shawn Beard, Research Manager at Ipsos ASI in Toronto, demonstrated co-creation at its coolest. With the use of biometric research he showcased a sensor belt, which measures the unconscious emotional response that monitors skin sweat, heart rate, respiration and movement. Attendees were able to test-drive the belt during the live biometrics demonstration. Try doing that in a webinar!

The presentations also featured Indivar Kushari, Senior Vice President with Ipsos ASI in Toronto, who discussed measuring return on investment with advertising and brand research, showcased advances in digital research leveraging social media and social listening, and provided an overview on in-store testing for all retailers.

Julie Winram, President of Ipsos Reid West, commented, “Events like this are important opportunities for us to get out in front of clients, showcase our work and innovations, and demonstrate the value we bring to their business.” “This is all part of what makes us the Better Ipsos – harmonized teams working together to make a difference in our clients’ business through collaboration, insight and innovation.”
It’s Cool to be Innovative; It’s Cool to be Ipsos

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