Ipsos Affluent Intelligence: The New Experiential Traveler

American affluents’ demand for more authentic, unique and immersive travel continues to grow. In recent years, the focus has shifted from “going places” to “collecting experiences.”

Today the travel category exists in a state of constant evolution driven by generational change, disruptive technologies, competition and social media. As in other categories, affluent influencers — particularly Millennials and Gen-Xers — continue to lead the way.

Earlier this month, we hosted a webinar focused on breaking down exactly who these Affluent Experiential travelers are and outlined six of the most appealing travel experiences for affluent audiences — Wellness Seekers, Active Challengers, Sight Seers, Cruisers, Historians and Gourmands.

For more insights, please download our white paper further exploring affluent travelers, their key travel needs and desires, and how they differ by behavior.

Download: The New Experiential Traveler

Download: The Six Key Affluent Traveler Types Infographic

New Experiential Traveler Whitepaper