Ipsos Affluent Intelligence Launches New Digital Audience Segments


Earlier this year we launched our Ipsos Affluent Digital Audiences into the digital media eco-system. These audiences leverage our gold-standard data on the attitudes, preferences, media habits and purchase behaviors of the powerful and influential affluent market to help brands reach them digitally.  

In January we will be releasing an additional 20+ Ipsos Digital Affluent Audience segments spanning lifestages, auto, travel, finance and entertainment.  

These new digital audience segments were created to complement the existing segments we developed in partnership with Acxiom and LiveRamp, which encompass hard to find affluent segments including C-Suite, affluent influencers (Affluencers) and consumers planning to purchase in the next twelve months.

New audiences available include: 

Affluent & Lifestage

  • Plan to buy a pre-owned home
  • Plan to buy a first home
  • Plan to buy a newly constructed home
  • Plan to get engaged
  • Plan to have a baby or adopt a child
  • Plan to have a first baby
  • Plan to get married
  • Plan to retire
  • Plan to start a new career

Lifestyle & Travel

  • Member of a private club
  • Sailboat/Powerboat owner
  • Opening weekend movie-goers
  • Frequent SVOD/OTT Viewer
  • Business Traveler
  • Heavy business traveler
  • Travel – Luxury/Five Star
  • Accommodations
  • Travel – Fly First Class

Auto & Finance

  • In-Market Hybrid/Electric
  • Vehicle Owners
  • In-Market Luxury Vehicle Owners
  • Finance – Active Market Investor

Look for the Ipsos Affluent Digital Audiences in your DMP, ad server, and/or your digital exchange. We can be found in all Google buy and sell platforms, LiveRamp Data Store, Acxiom Audience Cloud, Krux, Lotame, and Trade Desk by searching for Ipsos Affluent, and we can make our audiences available in many other platforms for clients.

In partnership with Acxiom and LiveRamp, these audiences are GDPR compliant and approved for targeting in Facebook.

If you are not seeing us in your platform already, please contact us.