Ipsos Affluent Intelligence: Fashion & Grooming: Shopping, Inspiration and Affluence

The worlds of fashion and grooming are in a constant state of flux, driven by what’s hot, new, and emerging. Technology continues to change the way we shop—and we’re getting our inspiration from new sources and sharing our recommendations and advice in new ways. 

The impact of social media cannot be denied. For affluent audiences, it’s become a key source of fashion and grooming inspiration. Marketers have long turned to style influencers to promote their brands on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. These experts and celebrities help cut through the clutter—and, as a result, their power (and paychecks) have grown exponentially.

Yet the most influential Americans are not celebrities at all. They’re people within our own networks who have the passion, the information, and the means to be the first to road test new products—and the desire to share their discoveries with the rest of us.

Our Q3 barometer focused on affluent attitudes around fashion, style and grooming. Download our white paper below for more on our key findings: 

Fashion, Grooming and Style