Infographic: Week Four of Ontario Election on Twitter (May 24-30)

The Progressive Conservatives are still leading the conversation on Twitter with 43% (-1 from last week) of the mentions as election day on June 12th approaches. Meanwhile, buzz about the Liberals continues to grow with 38% (+4 from last week) of mentions this week and chatter about the NDP decreases to 19% (-3 from last week) of the mentions. All the parties and their leader’s faced criticism in the Twittersphere.

Discussion surrounding Hudak’s Million Jobs plan and his questionable math skills drew some attention, while Wynne’s ability to balance the budget surrounded conversation about the Liberals. Even Horwath’s shift to the right of the political spectrum was a topic of interest for the ongoing Twitter debate among Ontarians. For more analysis on week four, please see the infographic below:

week 4 on twitter